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adularia ([personal profile] adularia) wrote2009-05-05 03:36 pm

utf-8 bug test

I was just writing a comment on [personal profile] najalaise's LJ about why Dreamwidth has so far failed to draw me in, and hit an encoding-format bug I've started to get recently (many times in the last 2 months) on LJ, so I couldn't post my comment about why LJ is a perfectly good system. Testing now to see if I get the same bug on DW, with the same browser session and all.

ETA: I could post that in DW no problem, but not LJ. Fascinating how tasty my foot is.

Edited again: Newp. It's a problem with my keyboard generating bad input from the useless context-menu key. Dreamwidth chokes on those characters too. Really I should get a proper Apple keyboard, or stop hitting the context menu key when I mean for the remapped Windows key. What decade is this?